AOCS Annual Meeting, May 3-14 2021開催

Invitation for JOCS Members:

We are happy to announce that the AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo will be held entirely online from May 3-14, 2021.

There will be three streams with more than 12 hours of live presentations and interactive discussions each day. The conference will include many networking and social events. Session chairs and organizers from around the world warmly invite JOCS members to participate and to share their research results with our global audience.

COVID-19 restrictions on travel and makes it difficult to meet with international colleagues – but our online conference is a ‘silver lining in the clouds’. Without issues of travel costs and restrictions we can discuss our research and innovations with a larger audience than ever before.

Please submit your abstract at the meeting website before January 15 to be included in this event.

The conference includes more than 80 sessions in the following areas:

  • Analytical Division

Sessions on contemporary analysis of lipid oxidation products; authentication of high value oils; rapid and high-throughput screening methods; analysis of trace contaminants; and emerging technologies to characterize and quantify lipids in oils, fats, biological and food matrices.

  • Biotechnology Division

Sessions on enzymatic and microbial conversion of plant-based oils into industrial chemicals; breeding and biotechnology for improving plant proteins; plant and algae lipid biotechnology and genomics; development of biobased surfactants and biorenewable polymers.

  • Surfactants and Detergents

Sessions on interactions of surfactants at solid surfaces; biobased surfactants; personal care and cosmetic formulations; next generation ingredients and regulatory issues.

  • Edible Applications Technology Division

Sessions on fundamentals of fat crystallization; phase transition and interfacial phenomena in complex food systems; edible applications of plant proteins and manipulating fat for plant-based product development.

  • Industrial Oil Products Division

Sessions on biofuels; green chemistry and oleochemicals; biorenewable polymers and new uses of glycerine.

  • Lipid Oxidation and Quality Division

Sessions on contemporary analysis of lipid oxidation; evaluating antioxidant effectiveness; studying interesterified fats and oils and new oil products; and lipid oxidation mechanisms

  • Phospholipids

Sessions on novel phospholipids; pharmaceutical, functional and edible applications of phospholipids; processing and fractionation

  • Health and Nutrition Division

Sessions on essential fatty acids; cannabinoids and terpenes; lipid oxidation consequences to health and nutrition; and all aspects of experimental nutrition, physiology and biochemistry in humans and animals.

  • Processing

Sessions on new and emerging processing technology; food safety; cannabis and hemp processing; processing to enhance bioactive ingredients; and renewable fuels.

  • Protein and Co-Products

Sessions on protein-based hydrocolloids; functionality of proteins in food and interaction with other food components; breeding and biotechnology and emerging sources of protein; non-food applications of proteins


産総研イノベーションスクールは、博士号取得者を対象に、専門分野についての深い知見を有しつつ、より広い視野を持ち、豊かな創造性や協調性を有する若手研究者の育成を目的としています。毎年度4月に開校する「イノベーション人材育成コース」は、国内民間企業等でのイノベーション創出に意欲のある若手研究者を対象とした 1年間のキャリア支援・人材育成コースです。独自の講義・演習プログラム、民間企業での研修、および産総研受入責任者の指導の下での研究活動等を通じて、研究能力の向上に加え、イノベーション創出に貢献できる能力の修得を支援します。更に、スクール生同士や先輩との交流・イベントを通し、幅広い人的ネットワーク形成を図ることができます。皆様の積極的なご応募をお待ちしています。



















エントリー: 2021年1月5日(火) 14:00まで

応募書類提出: 2021年1月6日(水) 14:00まで



国立研究開発法人産業技術総合研究所 イノベーションスクール事務局 採用窓口