“To Reinforce Oleo Science Research”
J. Oleo Sci., 64(8), 2015

J. Oleo Sci., 59(1), 2010

“From Thomson Reuters” -new launch-,
J. Oleo Sci., 58(1), 2009

“Electronic Submission System,
J. Oleo Sci., 58(1), 2009

Special Thanks to All of You Jos of the National Diet Library in Japan
J. Oleo Sci., 57(6), 2008

Skyrocketing access from visitors to e-JOS
J. Oleo Sci., 57(4), 2008

The world is watching JOS
J. Oleo Sci., 57(1), 2008

We’ve got AN AMAZING NEWS!, The future is now HERE
J. Oleo Sci., 56(11), 2007

Dear Colleages and Friends of e-JOS
J. Oleo Sci., 56(6), 2007

Rome is not built in a day
J. Oleo Sci., 56(3), 2007

The road not taken
J. Oleo Sci., 56(1), 2007

“Passion lives in JOCS!! ”
J. Oleo Sci., 55(5), 2006

As Editor-in-Chief of “Journal of Oleo Science”
J. Oleo Sci., 55(1), 2006