History and Objectives

The Japan Oil Chemists’ Society (JOCS) was established on November 21, 1951. In 1954, the Society was registered officially as a public service organization by the Japanese Government. In 2011, the Society was authorized as a Public Interest Incorporated Association. The objective of the Society is to contribute to the advancement of science and technology on oils and fats, surfactants, oleochemicals, biochemicals and related substances through working to bring members of the Society close together. In 2012, the Society celebrated the 60th anniversary of its establishment.

JOCS Officers

  • President Ph.D. Dai KITAMOTO National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
  • Vice President Ph.D. Kouichi ASAKURA Keio University
  • Vice President Ph.D. Yoshikazu KATSURAGI Kao Corporation
  • Vice President Ph.D. Mamoru KOUKESTU Gifu University
  • General Meeting 115 Representatives
  • Board of Directors 18 Members
  • Committee 12 Committees
  • ection 3 Sections Kanto District, Tokai District, Kansai District,Division Activities 6 Divisions Oleo Material, Surface Science, Cleaning and Detergent, Life Science and Processing Technology, Oleo Nano Science, Functionality and Structure of Oil Foods


Membership of JOCS is composed of Individuals, Students and Corporations.

  • Individuals 1028
  • Students 109
  • Asian Country 15
  • Asian Country Students 4
  • Corporations 136

Articles of Incorporation of Japan Oil Chemists’ Society